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PE at Tiptoe

PE Intent


At Tiptoe, it is our aim to provide a PE curriculum that develops healthy minds, healthy bodies and promotes positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness and sports skill.

We aim to provide 2 hours of high quality PE a week. One of these hours is provided by expert sports coaches that deliver a sports programme focussing on improving individual skill. Each programme culminates in children participating in games with their peers to give them opportunity to practise these taught skills. Staff participate and observe sports coaches to gather ideas and skills to improve their own PE teaching.

Tiptoe staff follow a curriculum that aims to develop the personal, social, creative, cognitive and physical skills of each child. This curriculum inspires teachers to enjoy PE and gives us all the confidence to develop outstanding lessons. It also encourages children to evaluate their performance and the performance of others to ensure that they are constantly improving their skills and abilities.

We work in close partnership with the New Forest School Sports Partnership to ensure that all children are given regular opportunity to participate in competitive games within our school and with neighbouring schools in the New Forest. We regularly compete in, amongst others, cross country events, football tournaments and rugby matches. The New Forest School Sports Partnership also provide regular training for our school PE specialist so that new initiatives in PE can be reported back to all staff.

Each year, Tiptoe Primary School hosts a sports day that every child can participate in. All levels of ability are celebrated and opportunity is given for parents and carers to join in too.

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC) Development in PE at Tiptoe

SPIRITUAL – Children are encouraged to reflect and evaluate their own performance in all areas of PE. Time is allocated in each session for children to observe others and evaluate their performance. They are then invited to provide feedback to their peers on what they have achieved well and advice on any improvements that can be made. Planning enables children to be inspired by events happening all over the world and special events centred around charity work such as Sports relief are planned annually for children to participate in.

MORAL – PE provides a perfect platform in which children can explore and adhere to rules, etiquette and sportsmanship. Through taking part in sporting activity, children have the chance to practise their leadership skills and develop a respect for others in their team.

SOCIAL – PE is a social subject. Children are encouraged to work together as part of a team in all areas of PE. This may be in pairs or small groups when devising sequences of movements in dance and gym or in a larger team when competing in a range of sports. Children at Tiptoe know that those that work well as part of a team are more likely to succeed. Representing their school in sport can be rewarded by a sense of pride. Participating as a team against others from neighbouring schools also ensures opportunity for meeting and participating with new friends.

CULTURAL – The PE planning at Tiptoe allows children to explore dances and sports from different cultures and traditions from around the world. Children will also experience music to move to from a range of cultures. Planning also ensures that children can watch inspirational athletes from around the world to help inspire their own performance.