PE and Sport Premium

PE Premium Spending Statement 17/18

Spending 16/17

Allocation £8665

£5000 of the money has been used to support the continued development and improvement of our PE curriculum to support the staff and enhance the provision and experience for all the children. This has taken the form of a specialist PE teacher attending school one afternoon a week and working with all of the teachers to provide support and coaching for PE lessons. In addition, a lunchtime club has also been provided and lunchtime staff given instruction for playground games etc. The impact of this has been that the Games curriculum lessons have been better and therefore children have been inspired and able to attend more sporting events.

Attending these sporting events used an additional £500 approx of the grant which was spent staffing outside competitions eg tag rugby, cross country & infant football.

We continued our membership of the New Forest Sports Partnership at a cost of approx. £700. This enabled us to take part in the numerous competitions that they put on and we had great success in the cross country with a pupil being selected to represent the New Forest at the county championships.

£1000 was spent replacing sports kit – new infant football kit, running vests and new equipment: whole class hockey set, new footballs, new netballs & storage for them.

We continue to supplement after school clubs – eg netball – Teaching Assistant is paid to run this club. We also use PH sports to provide a lunchtime club free to the children. Total cost of this approx. £200.

£1000 was spent on updating general games resources, play time activities etc.


Funding 17/18

Allocation £16000

£5500 has been allocated towards the continued employment of the teaching specialist. In addition to the benefits stated above we are focussing on developing teacher’s skills in teaching Gymnastics as well as Games. During lesson observations this area, Gym, was weak in teaching in some cases and so it has been recognised as an area of need within the PE curriculum. Feedback has also been obtained from the teachers

concerning their skills and all felt that their PE skills had improved and were continuing to improve with the provision of the specialist PE coach.

£5000 will be put towards maintain and replenishing bark area underneath the adventure playground.

£1000 will be spent on a new and exciting scheme of work for all areas of PE and training for a teaching staff.

£1000 will be spent on continuing to belong to the New Forest School Sports Partnership

£1000 has been allocated to be spent on new resources following the launch of the new scheme of work real PE.

£1000 will be spent on sending a teacher on Gymnastics training, and covering supply costs in school while she is out, in line with new guidance.