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History at Tiptoe


History Intent

Our aim at Tiptoe Primary is to allow pupils to explore history through an enquiry based curriculum. We want to fire pupils’ curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world. We believe that asking questions about the past is central to a good history curriculum. In History pupils are encouraged to question their understanding of the past allowing them to enjoy all that History has to offer. If pupils are able to examine the past, children are more likely to ask questions about the present day. We want to equip children with the tools to think like historians, examining past societies, studying influences and actions of individuals and their impact on our current society. To ensure the children will have a good depth of knowledge, we will give pupils opportunities to examine evidence weighing up and discussing/ arguing their point of view to make their own conclusions. Children will study a broad carefully planned curriculum which will enable children at their relevant key stage to develop their understanding of chronology.

Through the use of artefact and exciting trips, pupils gain an in-depth understanding of significant events in British history as well as appreciating how things change over time. Without History, there would be no future!


Each unit of study is taught to ensure that children acquire subject specific knowledge that will not only prepare them for secondary school but for life. We also ensure that subject specific expert vocabulary is taught in each unit to fully equip children with the skills they need to become expert historians.  Children use knowledge orgainsers to help them learn the sticky knowledge and vocabulary. We use history boxes from the resource centre as a hook and to help develop curiosity and an enquiry approach to learning. Finally we ensure that subject specific skills are taught incrementally so that each skill builds on the last. 


Our history curriculum ensures that children move on to secondary school having developed an understanding of the rich cultural heritage of the world. It prepares them for life in the contemporary world having learnt to respect and value diversity. Our curriculum helps children to develop their own strong personal values enabling them to become valued global citizens of the future.

To find out more about our history curriculum see our long term plans and progression of skills attached below. 

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development in History at Tiptoe School

Spiritual Development

The study of history involves a sense of curiosity and the mystery of how and why events in the past happened and raises questions as to what could have happened if events had had different results. Artefacts are used to give pupils a sense of the past and aid pupils in  understanding the people who produced and used these objects. Pupils are encouraged to explore the role played by important individuals, for good or ill, in the shaping of the world we live in. Pupils also reflect upon different interpretations of the past and how these interpretations have been arrived at. 

Moral Development 

Pupils are asked to consider and comment on moral questions and dilemmas. Events and beliefs in the past will often be at odds with what we would consider unacceptable today. ( And were to some people in the past also.) Pupils will be encouraged to show compassion for people facing dilemmas and to empathise with decisions that people in the past made and the reasoning behind their decisions. Notions of right or wrong are explored in connection with events from the past, linking with the value of justice. 

Social Development

Pupils will explore the similarities and contrasts between past and present societies and be made aware of how, in the main, we are very fortunate to live in the modern world, which links with the value of thankfulness. They will examine how other cultures have had a major impact on the development of British culture. Pupils will also be encouraged to build up their own social development through collaborative and team working activities. The study of social issues is a common theme in history lessons at Tiptoe.

Cultural Development

Pupils will study, and be encouraged to gain and understanding of, and empathise with, people from different backgrounds. They will examine how other cultures have had a major impact on the development of British culture. Pupils develop a better understanding of our multi cultural society through studying links between local , British, European and world history. The contribution of different cultures to human development and progress are studied, which links with the values of wisdom and endurance. 


 History Progression of Skills at Tiptoe School

 History Long Term Plan Cycle A Tiptoe School

   History Long Term Plan Cycle B Tiptoe School