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Design and Technology at Tiptoe

Design and Technology Intent and SMSC.


Design and Technology aims to allow children to use their imagination and creativity to design and make a range of products within a variety of contexts. At Tiptoe children will build and apply the knowledge and skills needed to design high quality products and they are given the opportunity to understand nutrition and learn how to cook.


They will creatively design and make products that solve real and relevant problems. Their DT projects may be independently design focussed in design and technology lessons or taught through a cross-curricular approach linked to other areas of the curriculum.


Children will develop skills alongside the design process relating to food technology, sewing, moving mechanisms, technical drawing, structures and developing their use of programming and control.


Throughout their projects the children will plan, design, make, test, improve and evaluate their finished product. Products should have a purpose and be functional.


We want the children at Tiptoe to develop their imagination, their critical thinking and their understanding of the world around them through their love of Design and Technology.


Spiritual Development


Children will develop a sense of fascination as they explore the designs of objects in order to understand how they are designed, constructed and function. They will use this knowledge combined with their own imaginations and creativity to develop and make their own products. They will be encouraged to design and make products related to world religions e.g. cards, advent calendars.


In food technology the youngest children will think about how food is important to them and their families. As they move through the school they will find out about the importance of food in various religious festivals/celebrations.


Moral development


Children can research and investigate aspects of advertising and the moral issues related to it. They explore the ethical issues relating to over packaging and the waste of materials. They should understand the point of recycling during manufacture and the environmental impact during use. At Tiptoe we will encourage the use of recycling materials which children already have in their homes.


Children are made aware of issues relating to health and safety, and the consequences of their actions and behaviour. This may be in relation to the tools they use, the safety of the products they are designing or food hygiene. 




Social Development


Children will find out about making healthy food choices and they will be aware that some people are allergic to some ingredients in food. They will learn about food in different cultures.


When working on projects they will be encouraged to support each other, work together collaboratively and accept other people’s evaluation of their finished product. They will use this to discuss how their product could be improved.


Cultural Development


Children could be encouraged to explore clothing and accessories used by other cultures either in everyday life or related to religious celebrations, and to design their own. They could find out about the importance of Carnival in different countries and the cultural meaning before designing a float. Where possible cultural aspects should be related throughout the curriculum and topics, and some DT projects can be based around this. This will enable the children to understand, accept and respect diversity.


Children should be taught to understand and appreciate cultural influences that have shaped their own heritage by comparing materials and construction methods with other cultures around the world.


There should be design opportunities to celebrate cultural events e.g. Mother’s day, Hanukkah, Easter etc. and opportunities to taste and make food from around the world.