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Hello and welcome to Starfish class.

Meet the fabulous Starfish team.

This is our lovely Starfish team. 


Miss Figueira


Mrs Glyde










We are all really looking forward to having a wonderful        time in Starfish class. 

In Starfish class we are;



Class Charity

Our class charity is the RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Centre. We will be organising events throughout the year to raise awareness and money for this charity. Watch the video below to find out more about what the RSPCA does.

 Timetables and Curriculum

Click on the button to view our weekly timetable. During each week, we will also be going on social mini trips or doing something else exciting like cycling - more on this later!

Weekly Timetable

Click on the button below for an overview of the Spring term.

Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2024



 In Starfish class, we enjoy reading and the children are supported by the very exciting...



Children are taught phonics individually or in small groups, depending on their phase of learning. Click the button below to find out more about monster phonics

                      Monster Phonics


When we read, we like to ask questions about the text and predict what we think might happen next. Every day we have story time where we read an exciting book together.

Starfish class enjoy borrowing books from our school library, and also like to visit a local library where we take part in activities and share books and stories.



Each half term our English learning is tied to an exciting text. This allows the children to explore and engage with a variety of different genres as well as looking at both fiction and non-fiction texts throughout the year. The children will make predictions, look at punctuation and grammar, use different tenses and write their outcome piece based on the style of text they have been investigating.



In maths, we use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to support our mathematical learning.


Starfish Maths Overview 



We like to join in with  lots of whole school activities where we can meet our friends from other classes. Here are some of the many things we take part in;

  • Assemblies
  • Clubs
  • Year group trips
  • Team events 
  • Sports day
  • School council
  • KS 2 productions
  • KS 2 leavers party
  • KS 2 residential
  • Themed days and celebrations
  • Birthday cake days! 

Our curriculum is bespoke to meet our individual needs; however, sometimes we join our friends in other classes to participate in lessons we particularly enjoy and excel at art, music, PE and science. 

 Social Trips and Outings in Starfish Class

Starfish class enjoy a variety of trips and visits. Sometimes these are linked to the curriculum, but often we visit places where we can practise our social and practical skills.

Starfish class have a weekly social outing where the children can practise their social and life skills. Previous outings have included going to the library, visiting local garden centres and cafes, trips to the park, fruit picking and food shopping at the supermarket.


Starfish Social Trips and Outings


As part of our learning in Starfish class, the children have the opportunity to access a variety of off-site activities. These include but are not limited to: cycling, forest school, swimming and horse-riding.  These allow for further development of their social and life skills as well as encouraging growth in their gross-motor skills.

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