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Week Beginning 6th July


Hello class 2! I hope you all had a good week last week. Well done to all of you who made a board game - thank you for all the photos of your learning, I love seeing them! There is a new challenge for this week which you will see as you scroll down the page.

Not long now to our celebration picnics on the field! I am so excited already and so looking forward to seeing you all !!!!!!!

Remember if you are in Yr 1 and are not at school you are very welcome to join us for our celebration picnic on Thursday 16th July from 12-1pm and if you are in Yr 2 you are invited on Tuesday 21st July 11.15 - 12.15 pm.Please bring your own picnic! I can't wait to see you all !!!!!!!!!!

Remind your mums and dads that for those of you who are not at school, they can collect your books and reports on this Friday 10th July between 9.30-10am on the front playground! It would also be really helpful if you could return your reading pet then - I will leave a box out on the table to put it in. If you forget then please bring it to the celebration picnic.  

Here is a short story you might like to watch this week. Even though we can't hug the people we love we can still show each other that we love them lots! I hope you like it! Click on the pink button.

For All The Children Who Can't Hug The Ones They Love

There are some new challenges that you might like to try on the literacy page. Have a look and see if there is anything you would like to have a go at.

Also have a look through this document below. There are lots of fun and creative ideas on here to inspire your learning at home such as, create and make a meal for a special person, invent a game to encourage sharing, or design a home for a pet.

Keep scrolling down to see this weeks challenge!

View document week_8_-_caring_for_each_other__1_.pdf

I hope you all have a lovely week! And.......I am still missing you all lots!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are class 2, although some of us are now in classes called Butterflies and Caterpillars. Some of us are back at school and some of us are at learning at home. If you are at home remember that Miss Welton and I miss you loads, keep working hard, we are so very proud of you and we can't wait to see you all again soon! 

There have been some changes to school since you were last there! Click on the button below to see a tour of Caterpillar and Butterfly classes! We miss you all loads! See you all very soon!

If you have any queries please now contact the school office on adminoffice@tiptoe.hants.sch.uk Thank you 

            Welcome Back to Tiptoe School!   

This weeks challenge is a maths challenge. I would like you to make your own toy shop using toys and books from around your home. It might look a bit like this one.



You will need to set the toys out and give each one a price ticket. Don't make the price tickets too high as you will need to be adding and subtracting these during the week! Remember to include a pounds or pence sign on your price tickets.

Once your shop is set up you will need a customer - perhaps this could be a member of your family or perhaps you could use a teddy! The customer needs to begin by buying 2 or more items from your shop and you will need to work out how much money they owe you. When you feel confident with your adding of money you can have a go at calculating the change. So for example if I spend 56p and give you £1 how much change do I need?

If your parents can give you some spare change to practise adding with in your shop that would be great,otherwise you could make some of your own paper money or click on this link to print off some paper coins and notes.

                                                coins and notes

You could even have a sale on during the week and reduce all price tickets by 10p or put the prices up by 20p!

I hope you have lots of fun with your shops this week!


  Mrs Willis storytime  Mrs Willis storytime 2  

  Mrs Ennals storytime Mrs Ennals storytime 2

This weeks celebrators are;

Jack for being a super star helper with his new baby sister! Well done Jack what an amazing big brother you are!

Summer for reading everyday during lockdown! Well done Summer that's brilliant!

You are both superstars!!

I am sending you both huge claps! Well done both of you!

Please make sure you all attend celebration assembly this week!                                              

This week there are new sports challenges for you to complete and a new dance challenge as part of our Hampshire Sports Games Mark May. Click on the sports challenge button to find out more!     

You will notice some new buttons below that will take you straight to some maths games you might enjoy to play. The first 3 games you can play as an alternative to TTRockstars.

There are also some new buttons under the SPAG button. These buttons will take you straight to games to play as alternatives to the SPAG tests.                                    

Daily routine - please remember this is just a guide to support you at home as best we can. Click on the buttons to see suggested websites to use to support learning in each subject.

If you are unsure the BBC Bitesize website has everything you would need all in one place for each subject for each age group. It has daily lessons for all subjects, animations, activities and games.

                      BBC Bitesize                       

Literacy 30 minutes

Maths 40 minutes

White Rose worksheets are now being emailed directly to you.

Reading 15 minutes

Phonics 10 minutes

 Then  choose ONE other subject from the following list. Click on the subject to see the suggested learning tasks. You should also see these as sub headings on our class page.

sports challenge






Time Capsule

mood cafe

Charanga Music

TT Rockstars

Numbots Use your same log in details for TT Rockstars to access this website

Top Marks Hit The Button

Top Marks Coconut Multiples

Top Marks Fishing Multiples

Caterpillar Ordering

Toy Shop Money Game

Shape Patterns

Helicopter Rescue

SPAG SPAG tests are now being closed and reset on Fridays! 

Spooky Spellings

Little Bird Spelling

Look Cover Write Check

Coconut Vowels

Parents, I hope you find our class page and subject pages helpful in supporting you at home in teaching your child/children, and keeping their learning going as best you can.

In these difficult times I suggest you follow your child's lead into what they would like to have a go at and for how long. The above routine is only a guide and it is fine for them to do less or more than the suggested daily times.

Please do not put too much pressure on yourselves in your new role as teacher of your child/children. I know you are all doing a great job! Continue to give your child/children lots of praise and breaks during the day.

Remember what is most important is that you all keep safe and stay well.

Take care and thinking of you all,

Mrs Sara Willis